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Getting through high school may seem tough enough, but there is another issue that must be factored in: college. As daunting as it may sound, college prep starts all the way back in your freshman year!

And as a parent preparing your child for college is something every single parent should do. Whether it be in providing your child with a fully paid tuition or if it is simply giving them all the help that they need to get the grades that they have to have to get in, all parents are preparing their child for college from the beginning. What should you be doing and how should you do it? Here are a few tips to help you to learn just what you need to know.

Tip One: Preparing for college often means preparing financially. If the kids are young, consider investing in college tuition plans. Some states can provide these for you or financial firms can. If the kids are older, help them to get the scholarships that are out there and help them to find the financial aid that they or you need. While you may be willing to take out a home equity loan for their education, it may be smarter to look towards other options instead.

Tip Two: Preparing for college academically. Often, parents start with this preparation at a very young age. What is important, though, is not just allowing them to soak up the information in text books, but to show them and allow them to experience life. Take them to museums, musicals and other intellectual aspects. Provide for them the study plan and the work environment that they need to get good grades. Put rules and rewards in place for good behavior, good grades and success. And, make sure to get them the help that they need if they are struggling.

Tip Three: Preparing for college also means emotional preparation. While it is not hard to realize that your baby is growing up, you’ll need to prepare them for the real world by allowing them to make mistakes and helping them to learn from them. It is also important for them to develop social skills too. They need to be challenged and encouraged in a positive manner to succeed.

But not to worry. That's why I've created this e-book to provide you with all of the information you need to prepare for college starting now.



37 Ways To Prepare For CollegeWays to Prepare for College Ebook

Life is full of options and choices. The choices we make shape our future. As we stand at the cross roads after high school we must have the right vision to make the decision to go to college.

A college education secures our future. The number of employment opportunities is greater and statistics reveal that most leaders are college grads.

If you have a college education you will make more money which in turn will enable you to have a better lifestyle. If a high school graduate earns US$ 34,303 annually, a college graduate will earn US$ 56,334, and a person with a professional qualification will net at least US$ 99,411.

It is not just earnings. A college education makes you a rounded person. It shapes your communication skills, expands your knowledge base, makes you methodical and organized, and exposes you to a whole new world of learning.

This guide will give you step-by-step advice on how to get ready for higher education. You don't have to sit idly by as your classmates get accepted to their dream colleges. You can start out on the path to success this instant!


This e-book will show you:

 What you can do your freshman year of high school. You will learn to plan your high school curriculum, discuss the next four years with your counselor, join clubs and extracurricular activities, discuss college financing with your parents, etc

 Your sophomore year. Where you will learn how to research the standardized tests required for college admissions, learn to talk with your teachers and counselors on regular bases, come up with a list of potential colleges, etc

 Your junior year. You will learn how to take AP classes, take the PSAT, begin your search for scholarship and financial aid money, visit colleges on your list, how to get brochures and applications from your choice colleges, etc

  Your senior year. This is where you will learn how to request recommendation letters from teachers and counselors, set up a tentative college cost budget, write your applications essays, send off your applications, how to prepare for schedule interviews with prospective colleges, how to select your school, how to keep housing and financial aid deadlines in order and so much more.


 What you can do the summer before college to prepare!

Not all the points are that are covered in this guide are listed because there's so much that is covered to be listed.

Students according to Jose Marti a patriot are the very ramparts of a nation and the strongest advocates of freedom. Education creates a conscience and as a result a better human being. College education eventually becomes a legacy for future generations.

Most succeeding generations of college educated people go to college themselves. The value of a good education becomes ingrained in their genes. Huge stones can be moved with muscle power but it is brain power that tells you how to move it and what can be done with it. And this guide will prepare you for college.


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