If You Are Nervous, Experience Anxiety And Just Plain Don’t Have The Confidence When It Comes To Approaching Women, This Letter Is For You.

"Learn The Simple And Proven Techniques To Get Rid Of Anxiety When Approaching Women And Gain The Confidence You Need
To Make A Move On Any Girl
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Want to go from nervous geek that is scared to death of approaching a hot girl to dominant alpha male that wouldn’t think twice? Keep reading…

Dear fellow shy guy,

To pick up any virtually any girl you want, you need to approach her with confidence as if you own the place, be cocky, sexy, interesting, mysterious, dominant and make her laugh!

Isn’t that what all the pick up guides teach you?

All the books, tapes, seminars teach the same thing: be funny, interesting, exciting and be a man. But guess what? You could know exactly how to act, know a ton of jokes and magic tricks and it would not matter one bit unless you had one thing.

That's right, it does not matter how many books you read or tapes you listen to when it comes to being successful with women unless you have the confidence to approach a girl in the first place!

Confidence is the most important thing you need if you want to pick up hot babes left and right, because


“If You Are Confident Enough To
Come Up To A Girl As If You Already Know Her,
All The Rest Will Take Care Of Itself”


Women love a guy who is confident in himself, can make her laugh and isn’t a wuss. Women want a man, not some little boy that is intimidated and afraid to do everything around her.

Guess what? You are already the type of guy all the girls you like would chase after, you just don’t act that way around them because you’re not confident enough, you fear rejection or maybe you don’t think much of yourself.

Look at it this way:

When you are around your friends, do you stutter, act intimated and scared or even hesitate to ask questions because you are so anxious?

Of course not, you are probably a funny guy who just says what ever is on his mind and is fun to hang out with when you are comfortable and surrounded by people you know. 

And that is exactly how you need to act around women. The only difference is you want to make it clear that you like the girl you are talking to.  But of course this is easier said than done because you are way to nervous and anxious when you try to or are even about to talk to a beautiful woman.

And that is exactly why this letter is for you. Because you are about to learn the simple techniques you can start using a half hour from now that will help you get rid of your anxiety and fear when approaching women.

You are about to learn all that in the: 

Shy Guy's Guide To Success With Women

Shy Guy's Guide To Success With Women Ebook

Here is just some of the stuff you are about to learn:

The simple facts about women you don’t know that will make your approach a whole lot easier and less scary (you just might go “hunting” as soon as you read these simple facts)

One of the biggest reasons you fail or are nervous to approach a sexy girl is because of all the negative things and excuses your mind makes up, you’ll learn exactly how to turn those negative thoughts into the exact opposite.

How you can build your confidence with the use of affirmation (this is one of the simplest ways to get rid of your nervous behavior around women)

The importance of having something to talk about and how to avoid uncomfortable silence in the first place (if you make a great approach and have nothing to talk about, nothing will happen)

How to read a woman’s body language to find out if she is attracted to you 9this is really important, unless you want to get told off by a girl who is not interested because you keep “bothering” her) 

Questions you could ask a girl that would get her talking (again, if you are stuck for something to say you can always ask here these questions)

Proper breathing techniques you can use to avoid hyper ventilation.

How to distract yourself from all the negative thoughts and suggestions that cause some of your problems in the first place (negative thought are bound to pop up sometimes, that’s why it’s important to know how to avoid them)

And much, much more!

    Basically, what you will get out of the “Shy Guy’s Guide To Success With Women” is the confidence to approach any woman that catches your eye as if you already know her.

    You will learn how to bring the part of yourself that would attract women out when it counts. You will not learn pick up lines, tricks to seduction or anything else that can take care of itself when you have the one thing that matters: confidence.

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    To Your Success,

    PS: To be successful with women, and more specifically approaching women you need to have confidence to actually do it without acting as if there is a 800 pound gorilla that is about to smash you in front of you.  Sure being funny, interesting and exciting is important, but that’s all easy to do when you have confidence in yourself and aren’t afraid of rejection.

    PPS: You could go out, buy some junk and act nervous around the sexy girl at the cash register without even looking her in the eyes. Or you could take that money, invest in yourself, go flirt a bit with that same girl and get her phone number – hmm, women VS crap you don’t need, what a hard choice to make!


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